pafin Inc., the provider of crypto-asset profit and loss calculation service “Cryptact”, is happy to announce that our new service “Fintact” has launched on August 25, 2022.


■What is Fintact?
It is a financial information platform for individual investors. It provides unique content that cannot be found elsewhere, such as company analysis reports, market reviews by ex-hedge fund managers, information provided by publicly traded companies’ IR, and much more. It helps investors of all types, from beginners to advanced, make well-informed investment decisions.
Browsing is free of charge and no registration is required. Free membership registration is required to use some of the services. If you already have an account with our profit and loss calculation service for crypto-assets “Cryptact”, you can use the same account to access all Fintact services.

■List of services
Ideabook is an SNS (social networking service) dedicated to investment. You can refer to other users’ ideas and post your own investment ideas. You can also use it to simulate your investment ideas. It can be used in many different ways depending on your needs, from designing your portfolio to simulating investments.

It provides company analysis reports on Japanese and U.S. stocks by analysts, economic and market commentary videos by ex-hedge fund managers, and much more. You will find the latest must-know information.

It is a community space where users can interact with each other and exchange knowledge. You can use it to broaden your horizons and get investment tips.

-Open 1on1
It is an IR support program that helps publicly traded companies disseminate information to individual investors. Interviews are conducted with publicly traded companies from the perspective of institutional investors, and they are made available to users as videos and reports. Company’s IR department can use this service to improve the company’s visibility and to measure the effectiveness of its IR activities. Users can watch these interviews to discover potential investment targets.
In addition to the above, the website provides a variety of other investment content, including the latest news on stocks and currency exchanges, and the latest ranking in the stock market.

Start using our newly launched financial information platform “Fintact” today. 

■Service websites
Financial information platform “Fintact” URL:


For further information, please contact below.



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